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Illinois citizens seeking naturopathic treatment deserve peace of mind, protection and assurance that their provider has achieved established education and medical training standards. Licensure means professional medical standards must be met.

The Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians needs your help.  A strong voice from Illinoisans who support Naturopathic Medicine will help us achieve licensure for NDs in the state.  

There are several ways which you can get involved. Please do whatever you can and as much as you can. It does make a difference! Thank you for your support.  

Share your story
Have you been helped by naturopathic medicine and want to spread the word about how fantastic it is? Please become an advocate by sharing your story. CLICK HERE to fill out the testimonial form and let us know how we can share your story with others

Donate to our legislative fund
If you would like to support the legislative effort, please consider making a donation to our legislative fund and help us bring our message to legislators and the public. Donations of any size welcomed. Contribute to Fall 2017 Fundraiser HERE, or join us at our fundraiser reception and silent auction HERE.  


Why is licensure important?

Public Safety

By establishing licensure for naturopathic physicians, the public can be assured of the physician-level naturopathic medical training of these healthcare professionals. The public deserves the peace-of-mind and protection of knowing that naturopathic physicians have met established educational and medical training standards. Without licensure, there is no way for a member of the public to discern who is legitimately qualified to practice naturopathic medicine.

Professional Accountability

Like other medical professionals in the state, licensure for naturopathic physicians will provide direct accountability for care and treatment according to standards enforced by professional regulators at the State of Illinois. In licensed jurisdictions, all practitioners must meet the required educational and testing standards in order to practice as a naturopathic doctor. A licensing statute would establish a Board to oversee naturopathic physicians.

Universal Access to Naturopathic Treatment

By establishing licensure for naturopathic physicians, patients will be allowed access to effective, science-based natural healing therapies employed by highly trained professionals. Without a license, qualified  naturopathic doctors cannot practice to the full scope of their education and training.

Collaboration with Other Medical Professionals

Naturopathic licensure will increase collaborative health care and will provide patients with the most effective integrated care possible. Naturopathic doctors are trained to refer their patients to conventional medical doctors for additional diagnosis and conventional treatments. Many conventional doctors want a licensed provider of natural medicine to whom they can confidently refer their patients for natural therapies.  Healthcare professionals can find out more here.