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Naturopathic Medicine in Illinois!

Here’s the thing – without your help, we can’t do this.  Without you, naturopathic medicine will not be licensed in Illinois.  No pretense here, we need you, we need your support and we need your money.  We are a small and mighty force but we cannot do this without support from the community.  To pass an effective bill in our legislative landscape, we need to raise significant funds, which we currently do not have.  This is where we need help from those who support naturopathic medicine, like you.
Won’t you please consider just a $1.00 per day?  $1.00 per day - that's a coffee instead of a latte, a tall instead of a venti. That's the change you throw in a can. Please consider donating at the Partner Level--$1.00 a day / $30.00 per month level.  We realize it seems like you're always being asked for money - and we really appreciate the support you can give. On behalf of future patients of licensed Illinois Naturopathic Doctors, we thank you for your generous support.
For checks, please mail to: ILANP, 200 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148
ILANP is a 503(c)6 non-profit. Donations are not tax-deductible.